WHIZZINATOR - Easy And Effective

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Whizzinator Fake Urine For Drug Tests


If you're concerned about passing an urine drug test the Whizzinator could provide invaluable aid. This device resembling a penis uses a penis to provide clean urine and is popular among those hoping to circumvent their testing for drugs.

Synthetic urine is a secure and reliable drug that operates effectively, however for the greatest effectiveness it must be used by following the recommendations within the user's manual. Furthermore, maintaining the temperature appropriate will yield accurate results.

It's a device that dispensates urine clean

Whizzinator is a unique device made to provide fake urine. It is useful in passing drug tests. The real-life representation of male genitalia and its simplicity of usage, as well as its success rate when utilized correctly, Whizzinator makes an effective device.

Although not FDA-approved Whizzinator has been on marketplace for more than a decade and is generally regarded as a success. It functions by mixing dehydrated synthetic urine and water prior to getting your body's heat to warm it to its ideal temperature. It is manufactured in Long Beach by Alternate Lifestyle Systems.

It is a device that is akin to a penis

The Whizzinator, a fake penis specifically designed to store urine. The reservoir is filled with either clean or synthetic urine. Its heat pads help ensure body temperature temperatures. Males and females alike can wear this device that comes with a variety of skin colors.

This is now marketed as an adult novelty item with a new owner The WHIZZINATOR remains a popular product that is sought-after by those who wish to cheat tests on drugs especially urine tests. In selecting the color you want to use, it must blend into your surroundings so that your lab technician doesn't even notice. If you need help understanding SYNTHETIC PEE, they will be able to visit this website.

It is a device that resembles a male genital area

Whizzinator is a small device that appears to be male genitals, and is designed to deceive the drug test. The device consists of a prosthetic penis coupled to a bag that contains pure urine, this method has been gaining popularity with people hoping to pass an examination and not fail it. Former boxer Mike Tyson even admitted using the device during his professional career!

The company provides kits of syringes filled with urine and heater packs to keep your body at a constant temperature and fake penis with a variety of skin tones (available in separate packages) along with instructions. There are also "female versions" of their Whizzinator product for females concerned over failing tests for drugs. Learn more about this FAKE PEE in the link.


It's a gadget that is resembling a female's male genital area

The Whizzinator is a device that helps people pass urine tests. The device resembles penis. device can be concealed inside the pants of a person during urine test sessions. However, keep your eyes on this option as it will not work if it is observed while collecting urine samples.

ALS, which is the maker of the Whizzinator warns users that the use of it for anything other that urine testing is not legal and advises users to comply with the local law. However, many people still utilize it for passing urine drug tests, with an generous return policy available should buyers not be satisfied.

The Whizzinator kit comprises dried urine powder including a heating syringe, a syringe pads, as well as an artificial penis (the shaft). It comes with directions on how to use the product, with five skin tones that are available, and are suitable for a variety of types of testing. Prosthetic penis that is made from flexible plastic that houses an urine reservoir. When activated with an instrument, the only valve will release the urine to a cup for specimens.